something fishy

Dave Anson is a young composer hailing from the northwest of England. Originally born in the picturesque setting of the lake district, growing up, music became a very important part of his life. Dave began to play drums after leaving primary school and shortly after picked up guitar and piano. Throughout secondary school, his musical talent began to flourish, and music classes became the highlight of his week.

This love began to spread outside of school and education when he joined his first bands. Playing in bands since the age of 15, Dave found himself an integral part of the local music scene by the age of 16 being the drummer for many rock and pop bands. Drums and live performance was always the focus of Dave's attention until university when he moved to Leeds to study for his degree in music production at Leeds College Of Music.

This opened up doors to many other musical pathways and allowed him to hone his skills as a composer. With the assistance of very experienced tutors from the college, Dave began to grow his portfolio as a composer for moving image and worked his way into a very demanding industry.

Dave's composing has a unique sound with heavy influences from the romantic period of classical music as well as modern synthesis being a vital part of his musical pallet. Having an interest in psychology and subliminal triggering, Dave likes to experiment with addition of sub bass frequencies in his work to give a fresh approach to composition.